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Within just a few short minutes We will show you How to Weld Aluminum. Aluminum is a great metal, and the following is a very easy to use system that will allow you to weld, without any experience at all! Techno-Weld answers the question How to Weld Aluminum? Techno weld is a a revolutionary, easy to use, no nonsense, aluminum welding solution. Technoweld makes the toughest jobs easy for experts or hobbiests. Techno-Weld is so powerful that it has even been used on spaceships. The lunar lander, spy satelites, airplanes and many other fascinating projects.

Simple to Use Joining with TECHNO-WELD is a similiar process to gas soldering/silver soldering, therfore tradtional Aluminum welding skills are not necessary. Like soldering, it is a simple two stage process.

The TECHNO-WELD SYSTEM is suitable for joining and repairing virtually all commonly available Aluminum Alloys, including hightech alloys such as MMC's. Duralamins, low melt Mazaks(zinc Based alloys) and Die-Cast Material, although methods differ slightly.

What can I use it on?

TECHNO-WELD can be used on Automobile Alloy Castings - Engines, Gearboxes, Sumps, Motorocycle Alloy Castings Crank-cases, Fins, Brackets, Skegs, Hulls, small Craft, canoes, alloy fixtures & fittings, Vehicle Bodywork Repairs & Alterations, Landrover, Rangerrover, Alloy Panels, Aluminum Radiator Toys, Ornaments, Tools, Utensils,Alloy Gutters, Alloy Greenhouses, Boxes, Tubing, Ducting, Frames, Signs, Prototypes, prostheses, Crutch, Wheel-chair repair and the list goes on and on.

The following is a Youtube Video demonstrating how to weld Aluminum

How to Weld Aluminum Video

Need proof?

PERFORMANCE BIKES MAGAZINE - In possession of a $33,000 BIMOTA FURANO on road test, had the misfortune to have the clutch plate disintegrate, which punched a hole straight through the crankcase.

They had a TECHNO-WELD Kit in the workshop, so decided to try it for the first time. They say that it wokred exactly as the manufacturers said it would, and produced an article in the October issue (1994) to verify it's success, and to testify that it had saved them hundreds of dollars.

PERFORMANCE BIKES published verdict and last comment


NORWICH UNION INSURANCE COMPANY Rang TECHNO-WELD ltd. when at a Car Body Repair Shop, who were involved in repairing a FERRARI TESTAROSSA, which had come in with the rear near-side quarter panel damaged behind the door, and the fluted air intake had also been twisted and broken in several places. NORWICH UNION were the insurers for the car, and had just been advised that a new panel including the air intake would have cost over $8,000, excluding the labor costs of fitting it.

The panel, being an Alloy , was not easily repairable using standard techniques, and the Body Shop did not have the high degree of skill needed to employ these methods even if they were available. Something was needed not only to rejoin the broken flutes, but to also permenantly fill the dented areas with minimum heat distortion.

TECHNO-WELD was sent on the same day, and the repair was sucessfully completed. Saving the company $8,000 less the cost of a kit.

What makes it different from other methods?

Traditional methods of joining Aluminum such as MIG or TIG welding, gas brazing et. , tend to require a high degree of skill and frequently, fairly expensive capital equipment. The only equipment needed to use the TECHNO-WELD kit is a heat source, such as a standard Propane torch or Acetylene gas torch. To have on hand a suitable range of nozzles for tackling a variety of sized jobs can be an advantage.

Preparation and jigging equipment needed are generally the same as for any traditional welding process. Since the TECHNO-WELD System creates a Fusion weld using a simple "Soldering" technique, the majority of users with a "DIY" aptitude should be able to pick up the "basics" after carefully reading and following the instructions.

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How Strong is it?

Technical Data
Melting Range 715-135F
Tensile Strength exceeds 50,000 PSI
Shear Strength exceeds 50,000 PSI
Brinell Hardness 97
Compressive Strength > 90,000 PSI
Thermal Expansion .0000299 in/F

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